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Helping digital health companies demonstrate their protection of patient health information

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As experts in the management and protection of personal health information, we've created AHIMA dHealth™, a solution where healthcare stakeholders can discover which digital health products meet & exceed industry data protection standards.

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Now, patients can direct providers to share their health records with third-party digital health companies who are not automatically governed by HIPAA. Simplify your diligence and consumer education efforts by looking for the AHIMA dHealth™ seal.

Simplify Cure's Act compliance

Covered entities (providers, health plans, and clearinghouses) gain a reputable resource for critical information about more than 1,200 applications' privacy and security practices and policies. 

Comprehensive application database

Digital health products and consumer apps can pass and receive the AHIMA dHealth™ Approved seal for following best practices for privacy and security.

Demonstrate commitment to privacy

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