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Digital Health Companies

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Companies now have more opportunity than ever before to access and utilize patient health information for increased functionality and customer satisfaction. As with any handling of personal health information, great care must be taken to keep information protected and secure.

That is why AHIMA, the leader in health information, developed the AHIMA dHealth™ program. The program helps digital health companies demonstrate trustworthiness to consumers and healthcare providers.

Why AHIMA dHealth™ Gets You Ahead of the Competition 

AHIMA dHealth™ is a program that offers digital health companies an opportunity to pass a data security and privacy assessment from one of the leading advocates of health data security.

Becoming AHIMA dHealth™ Approved signals responsible behavior to both consumers who utilize digital apps and products, and to covered entities such as healthcare providers, clearinghouses, and health plans who process release of information requests. 
Keeping patient data secure is a priority for covered entities. The AHIMA dHealth™ program provides the necessary peace of mind to ensure digital health companies adhere to best practices. 

How Can AHIMA dHealth™ Help Gain Trust?

Becoming AHIMA dHealth™ Approved demonstrates responsible digital health products have met important standards for safeguarding privacy and security.

Earn and Display the AHIMA dHealth™ Seal of Approval

The AHIMA dHealth™ assessment is based upon rules and regulations already established by several US government entities. The assessment involves self-reporting of certain policies and practices the applicant company has in place regarding a digital health product’s protection of patient identity and data.  

All AHIMA dHealth™ Approved digital health products that pass the assessment will be listed as an approved product in the  AHIMA dHealth™ directory and will be provided a seal of approval and other materials that they can use to self-promote. Providers and other users can access the directory to find which products and apps have earned the designation. 

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AHIMA Intellectual Property  
The AHIMA dHealth™ Assessment, including all names, logos, trademarks, and the contents of the assessment questions, form and process are the intellectual property of AHIMA and may not be used by applicant company for any purpose other than as expressly stated in the Agreement.  

AHIMA does not endorse, recommend, or independently verify any product that has been reviewed by the AHIMA dHealth™ assessment tool, received the AHIMA dHealth™ Approved badge, and/or listed in the AHIMA dHealth™ directory of digital health products (collectively “AHIMA dHealth™ Resources”). AHIMA makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, express or implied, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided to AHIMA by the company that is used as part of the assessments made within the AHIMA dHealth™ resources directory, including the data privacy and security practices or any other operational matters regarding the companies listed within the AHIMA dHealth™ resources directory. AHIMA does not review the policies of a company for legal adequacy under privacy laws. Companies should consult legal counsel for such compliance.

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